Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Father's Day Treat

Last Saturday, my family and I had dinner in Trinoma to celebrate "Father's Day." We celebrated it a day in advance to avoid the crowd celebrating this occassion on its actual day.

My family had dinner at "Kamay Kainan." It's a buffet treat which is at P249.00 per pax.

We were not satisfied with the buffet fare because almost all of the dishes served up is literally swimming in oil, very unhealthy. The food that makes up the buffet are everyday dishes served at our house, nothing spectacular. Plus, if you have a good cook like my dad, the taste of the dishes served pale in comparison to the meals whipped up by my dad.

Anyway, despite the not so good food we still enjoyed the night because we have each others company.

On Sunday, we had take out dinner from Max's, my father's favorite. He had all the chicken servings he wanted because it was his day.

To my Papa, Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being a father and a mother for us for the last fourteen years. I love You!

1 comment:

Enchie said...

Belated Happy Father's Day to your dad Joy :)


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