Saturday, June 19, 2010

Insurance Protection

It's tough being sick. You are not only physically and emotionally drained but mentally stress as well.

Mentally stress because you have to think not only of getting well but also on how you're going to pay for your check-ups, medicines and worse for hospital confinement.

I've experienced this mental stress last week when I bought my medicine which was really costly. Good thing though, I have some extra cash from the blogging money.

But my blogging money is not enough to pay for some unfortunate incidents like accident and illness or retrenchment that may happen in the future.

I know that to prepare for those events I must get myself an insurance.

There are many types of insurances available today. But I think the ones that would be useful for me would be the: income insurance protection, accident and illness insurance and the affordable life insurance.

Real Insurance provides affordable life insurance that will protect and cover a wide variety of your needs may it be a family life cover that will provide for your family in the event of your death, a funeral expenses cover to pay for your funeral, an accident and illness insurance and a silver life cover for those in their 50's.

Their insurance cover starts at only $1.46 per week. So there's no excuse not to get their insurance because it is light on the budget but the benefits of an insurance is really great.

Now you can sleep restfully at night knowing that whatever happen to you, you have money to pay for your sickness or accident and in the event of your death, you know you can still provide for the needs of your family even if you are not around.

To prepare for your future, invest on quality life insurance.

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