Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alone on a Sunday

My boyfriend and I usually see each other on a Sunday just to hang around the house or to go to the mall to shop or to watch movie. But for this weekend, he visited yesterday because he's going to Antipolo today to visit his parents.

I'm so used to having him around on a Sunday that it feels different not having him around. But, it's okay because he's spending some time with his family.

But since he's not around I have more time to spend online to write a paid post, visit some of my friend's site and to catch up on my entrecards because I was not able to drop ec's yesterday.

After doing all my tasks online, I'm going to watch shows on television. I haven't been watching t.v. the past few weeks because I'm so busy with so many things.

Anyway, next Sunday we'll be back to our normal schedule.

1 comment:

bambie said...

hi sis! pareho tyo alone. but in my case, i've been home alone since last thursday cuz my brother and his family went to bukidnon. anyway, i'm sure this week spent apart will only make your time together next week a lot sweeter and more special. :) happy sunday sis!


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