Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Front yard Project

Our front yard used to be filled with flowers and decorative plants but when our City Mayor started his sidewalk project in our community, we had no choice but to clear our front yard of our plants. What is left is just a cemented front yard and no beautiful plants in sight.

Well, I don't disagree with the mayor's project because sidewalks offers a safe area for pedestrian to walk to but I still long for plants to adorn our house.
The government used only 1.5 meters of our front yard for the sidewalk so there's still a remaining 1.5 meters free space. I was thinking that perhaps we could put up pots with flowers and plants in the remaining space, window boxes for plants and window boxes for flowers around the house so we could have some greens and lovely flowers to beautify our place.

I already told my father about it and he agreed with my plan. He said that aside from the plants, flowers, flower boxes and pots I should remember to buy garden soil too.

1 comment:

jenskie said...

hi po! same with my uncle's house. no more beautiful flowers in front of the house.

have a nice day!


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