Thursday, April 15, 2010

Learning Nihonggo

I've always wanted to learn another language. If given a chance I would love to learn how to speak Nihonggo or the Japanese language.

Why Nihonggo? It is because learning this language would be a lot of help to my boyfriend because he does business with Japanese. It would be cool if I could read and translate too Japanese writings so that my boyfriend will not have a hard time deciphering the Japanese documents being sent to him.

I used to have a Japanese translation book before and have learned a few phrase but have forgotten most of it because I have not read that book again. Sometimes when I converse with my boyfriend using those few learned Japanese sentences he would correct me about the pronunciation. He worked for a time in Japan about five years ago for only a few months.

But in the meantime, while both he and I are still learning the language, should avail of the translation services of translia. Translia has the biggest network of professional translators so I am secure in the knowledge that I am given the most accurate translation for my documents. Translia offers quality translation at the shortest time possible and their services is at affordable prices.

Translia offers free translation so you may want to check that out and see how they work with your translation needs.

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Gracie said...

Ay gusto ko ring matuto nitong language na ito. Hehehe. I tried once kaya lang ang hirap talaga kasi pilipit dila ko. hahahaha

By the way, thanks pala dun sa suggested site mo. I'm doing my application now for my 3 blogs. Sana maapprove.

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