Monday, April 05, 2010

Holy Week 2010

It was a truly blessed Holy Week for me this year.

Holy Monday - I attended a very inspiring recollection at our parish. The recollection was done by Father Jerry Orbos. He is a well-loved priest and best selling author. A lot of people were at the recollection and even people from other parishes went to our church to hear his preaching. His teachings were humorous, simple but very meaningful.

One of the lessons that really struck me was his message on eternal life. He said that people prepare their future- they avail themselves of the most sophisticated pension plan, life plan, health plan and even memorial plan but do we prepare for our eternal life plan? Every thing we had when we were alive, we are going to leave behind once our time here on earth is up. Are we ready to face our maker?

Maundy Thursday - it was my first time to attend the service for the Washing of the Feet. So that's the only time I get to hear the readings as well as the gospel for Holy Thursday. It was a high mass presided by our parish priest. During the homily - Father Albert reminded the congregation to serve one another and follow the example of Jesus when he washed the feet of his disciples.

Good Friday - the second time only that I attended the Veneration of the Cross and I'm so happy to have attended it because of the richness of the readings and gospel that this church service has. After the mass, I attended the procession around our parish's communities.

The church services for Thursday and Friday were very long, it took more than two hours to be finished. But I hardly noticed the time because the readings and gospel were inspiring and the whole mass is filled with beautiful Catholic traditions.

Black Saturday - I and my siblings, my brother's girlfriend and my boyfriend went to Montalban, Rizal for an out of town trip. I'll make a separate post for this one.

Easter Sunday - After the Easter Sunday mass, my siblings and I cooked our Easter Feast of grilled ribeye steak and buttered green peas, carrots and corn.

It was a wonderful week because it afforded me the time to reflect on the Lord's goodness and to spend quality time with people I love most.

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