Friday, March 19, 2010

Poor Eyesight

I don't have a perfect vision. I am near-sighted. My eye problem started when I was in high school and because I can't see well I always sit in front of the class to see the lessons . I did not tell my mom about my eye sight because I don't want to wear prescription glasses .I thought I look geeky in it.

When I was in college I have no choice but have a fitted prescription eyeglasses for me because I can't understand the lecture well because of my not so clear eye sight. But instead of wearing it throughout the day I just wear it during my classes.

This unhealthy practice of mine resulted in the continuous failure of my eye sight. My vision became poorer and poorer until I can't see clearly things that are only a few feet away from me.

Nowadays I always wear contact lenses or my prescription eyeglasses.

It's a good thing though that there are a lot of stylish yet affordable eyeglasses available in the market today.

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bambie said...

hi sis! happy weekend!


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