Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's Day started with my brother and I waking up really early to attend the Aero,Dance-Taebo Session at the Quezon City Circle.

The exercise session is basically a combination of Aerobics, Taebo and Dance. For this more than one hour session we paid twenty pesos only for each person. About four years ago, my brother and I religiously attend this exercises.

I was so glad because even if it has been years since my last session doing these exercises, I can still keep up with the routine. There has been some variations with the exercises but what I like most is the new dances they incorporate to the whole program. We danced to the tunes of "Buttons" by Pussycat Dolls, "Insomnia" by Craig Davis, "Noboby, Nobody But You", and other danceable tunes. I super love the dances and I can't wait for next Sunday for another round of Aero, Dance-Taebo Session.

After the Aero-Taebo-Dance Session, I still had the energy to run two rounds around the running track of the park. My stamina is really improving.

My brother gave me a breakfast treat at Tropical Hut Hamburger after our exercise. I only had a burger, a small order of french fries and iced tea. I was still a little bit hungry after eating everything I've ordered but I refrained from getting more food because my exercise would be useless if I going to stuff myself with more food.

Boyet, my boyfriend would usually have lunch with my family every Sunday but yesterday he was late for lunch. And I knew that he would be late because he would be getting my flowers for Valentine's, and I was right because he came to our house with a bouquet of flowers for me. =).

For our afternoon snack, Boyet helped me prepare my tuna pasta. He has been very supportive of my cooking. He chopped the ingredients, cooked the pasta and the rest of the dish that I ended up giving the direction on how to cook it. The tuna pasta taste good and bf appreciated it. He was a little apprehensive at the start because he never have tried tuna in his pasta before.

My Valentine's Day would have turned sour if I wasn't able to control my emotions. Bf was a little irritable yesterday and not in his best mood. I didn't gave in to the temptation at snapping back at him and tried my best to understand him. He has been in so much stress from work the previous days and I know that this stress is taking a toll on him

After watching movie on dvd, bf told me that he will just lie down at the sofa for ten minutes because he feels really tired. When I checked on him, he was sleeping already. That was the first time yesterday while he was sleeping that his face soften up. I let him sleep for an hour.

Boyfriend was in good mood after his sleep and was ready to talk about the things that's bothering him. I was right all along, he is in so much stress. I really hope things will be okay these coming days for his business.

That's how Valentine's Day was for me this year.

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