Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally, A Good Night Rest

Finally, I was able to get a good night rest after three nights of not getting enough sleep.

My sleeping trouble started last Tuesday night, after having tonsilitis the previous week, I was coughing badly that night and was sweating profusely. I was having problem with my breathing so I cannot find a sleeping position that suits me.

I ended up getting some snooze at two in the morning and I have to be up at five for work.

Upon waking up the following day, I promised myself that I'm going to bed early Wednesday night to catch up on my lack of sleep the previous night.

I was in bed as early as eight in the evening but the same thing happened, I couldn't sleep because of my difficulty in breathing, my excessive coughing and I was really sweating hard. Sleep came to me at eleven in the evening.

The next day, I told myself I'm not going to do any strenuous activities for the day so that I wouldn't be tired when evening comes.

On my way back to our house, after another day at work, I was having difficulty in breathing again and that my coughing started again ;I realized that for the past three days, my difficulty in breathing started at night time as well as the coughing. I don't have any problem at all during the day.

The same thing happened to me as I went to sleep, I was in bed early because I feel really tired and out of breath, only to fall asleep close to eleven in the evening.

The following day, I consulted my aunt who's a physician about my condition and she told me that I'm having asthma attacks and prescribed some medications for me to take.

I never had asthma before but this illness is in our family's medical history. Both my parents and my two siblings had it when they were young but they've outgrown it. I was the only one who had no asthma when I was little so I thought I was spared from it. Sadly, the condition manifested now that I'm in my thirty's.

My aunt told me that my asthma was triggered by my cough and by the very hot weather we had in the country these past few days.

Last night, when I was starting to have my asthma attack, I popped the medicine and in a matter of few hours, I can breathe easily and was off to dream land at 8:30 in the evening.

Finally, I had the good night rest I was hoping for.


Gracie said...

I'm glad you are ok na sis. Pareho pala tayong may asthma. Mahirap talaga kapag inaatake. Try to get some good rest kasi sa akin kapag feeling ko aatake alam ko na dahilan. Too much fatigue usually ang dahilan. Kaya ikaw, wag mong sagarin ang katawan mo ha. Take some rest and sana much better ka na ngayon.

Thanks pala da pag-update nung link ko. Yep, ginawan ko ng bagong layout. Free web design lang naman. May binago lang ako kunti. nakakasawa na un dati eh. hahaha.

Thanks for the comments as well. Yep, so sad talaga un news about dun sa ka-officemate namin dati. Hay ang buhay talaga. Tama ka na we really have to make the most of everything and iparamdam natin ang love natin sa mga taong mahal natin. Life is too short so we really have to make the most out of it. Oh sya at baka maging mas mahaba pa ang comments ko sa post mo. hahaha

Pagaling ka sis ha. Miss you!

bambie said...

asthmatic ka din pla sis...pareho tyo. even c A meron. anyway, i hope you were able to get your much needed rest.

sis, i've got something for you here.

smplcv said...

To say there is no solution of medication can really get-rid of this.I had this and YOGA and meditation has helped me in totally removing it! please try this and you will stay happy for rest of your life!

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