Thursday, January 21, 2010

Someone Tried To Sneak In

This got me really worried last night.

Bf called me last night and told me someone tried to forcibly open his surplus shop last Tuesday night.

His neighbors told him that around 11:30 pm, they saw five men roaming around the vicinity of the shop.

Bf stays at the shop because their house in Antipolo City is far from his place of work. There is a room at the far end of the shop that serves as his living quarters. He said he heard some noise that night but due to exhaustion, he dismissed the commotion.

I feared for his safety because what if those five men where able to enter the shop, they could have hurt him.

He told me that additional locks have been installed at the shop. And that matter has been reported to the proper authorities.

I am just grateful that nothing bad happened to him and I pray that no similar incident will happen in the near future.


bambie said...

OMG sis. Good thing hindi na sya lumabas. It could've been more dangerous if he went out considering magisa lang sya. Thank God nothing untoward happened.

Yodz said...

Whew, we should really take care nowadays...& extra precaution.
Nice blog - instantly sense the honesty in it!
BTW, what items are your Bf's selling?

David DeWall said...

Glad your boyfriend is OK. We live in a rural province here in the Philippines, and it seems pretty safe, but we still have metal bars on our windows and doors.


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