Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Random Updates

While browsing through our holiday pictures, I notice that our dining table is small, it can only hold a few items on top, it can no longer hold extra things like vases and other decors. I envy the elaborate holiday table settings shown on some of the blogs I've visited.

But I'm torn about replacing our current dining table because it was given to us by someone very special with new dining room furniture that will make every occasion looks very festive.

Well, I still have eleven more months to decide whether to give up our current dining furnitures with new ones.

Jumping to another topic,since one of my new year's resolution is to include more exercise into my lifestyle and hopefully to join a marathon, I've been running every morning to keep up with my goal.

But this morning, I have to rest from all the running because I feel pain at the back of lower left leg. Yipes, in just a few days I've already injured myself.

I hope the soreness I feel will be removed so I can run again tomorrow or on Friday in preparation for my running session on Sunday with my boyfriend. We will be running on Sunday at the oval track of the Marikina Sports Complex.

I must be mindful of my stretching routine before and after each run and to remember the proper posture in running so that I can avoid injuring myself.


Shimumsy said...

i can't wait for winter to be over here so that i can do my walking/running too. too cold to be outside this time.

bambie said...

wish you well sis! :) take care!


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