Sunday, January 03, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

I don't make new year's resolution! because resolutions, just like promises are broken.

But I'm changing my paradigm from now on, I'm going to make resolutions starting this year.

2009 has been a slow and steady year for me, there was no opportunity for me to grow as a person all throughout the past year. I'm grateful for all the graces I received in 2009 but I believe I could have been more blessed if I had a vision on how I want my year to unfold instead of just being a spectator waiting for things to happen.

I'm writing my resolutions because these are my goals for the year. Things I want to accomplish before the year ends so that when I look back at 2010, I can say that I did all that needs to be done to make it a fruitful year.

My resolutions for 2010 are:

1. I'm going to be fit and healthy. I lead a healthy lifestyle but I know I need to incorporate more exercise into my life. My ultimate goal physically for 2010 is to join a Marathon and for that I need to really train for it.

2.I'm going to find a new job. I really need to change work because I know there's no room for me to grow as a person in the job that I'm in right now. I do hope I get to find an online job.

3.I'm going to invest more in my mutual funds and I'm going to really study how to invest in the stock market. I want to earn more passively this year. I want to have financial breakthroughs in 2010 so I can now start saving for my own house and my own car with Motor Trade Insurance.

These are some of the things I want to accomplish in 2010 and hopefully when the year ends I get to happily blog here that I was able to make these goals into reality.

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Tina said...

i always end up breaking my resolutions so i dont try anymore :(

good luck with yours though. hope it works out.

happy new year

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