Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Dream Vacation

December, January and February are my favorite months. December because of the Christmas Season, January because it marks a new year, a new beginning and February because it's my birth month. And the one thing common between these three months is the cold weather we have.

I enjoy the cold weather! I like the cold breeze as it brushes against my cheeks. I love the warmth a jacket or a comforter brings to me.

And I'm happy because I still have until next month to enjoy the cold weather we have now.

In March, the weather will become dry and hot. With the temperature rising, you just have to turn on the airconditioning unit to escape the unbearable heat or better yet head out to the beach.

As early as now, my siblings and I are already planning where to head out our summer vacation.

If we have enough budget it would be wonderful if we could head out to the Atlantic Ocean. A vacation at the Myrtle Beach would be fun.

While surfing the net, looking for Myrtle Beach Accomodations, The Horizon at 77th resort caught my attention. This Myrtle Beach Hotel is perfect for the myrtle beach accomodation I am looking for. The resort is at the heart of the myrtle beach, beach lovers are just a few feet away from the ocean, it has a lot of beautiful private suites and it offers a lot of amenities including a golf course. Golf enthusiast will really enjoy their stay at the The Horizon at 77th resort.

As early as now I'm already dreaming of my summer vacation.

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bambie said...

wow! buti ka pa you're sure na that you're going on vacation in March. ako ndi pa.

abt the post i made today, the guy i kissed was a common friend nmin ng boyfriend-boyfriendan ko in h.s. LOL! nalasing kasi ako sa sobrang sama ng loob...nakiss ko tuloy. ay mali, nagpakiss tuloy ako!


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