Saturday, January 09, 2010

Goldilocks' Happy P10 Polvoron Day!

I have good news to all Goldilocks Polvoron lovers! Tomorrow, January 10, 2010, Goldilocks is going to celebrate its Happy Polvoron Day!

For just one day, we can indulge on our sweet treat made from milk, flour and sugar.

For their special promo, a pack of two pieces of Goldilocks Classic Polvoron will be sold for just ten pesos; and there's another P10 pack containing three pieces of goldilocks special flavored polvoron .

So don't forget to drop by Goldilocks tomorrow and have your fill of your favorite polvoron in Classic, Pinipig, Cookies and cream, Peanut, Cashew and Chocolate flavors.


fetus said...

aaaahh!!! i love goldilocks!!!

Gracie said...

Nice promo! Thanks for the info.

Yes, sis excited na ako for his next vacation but really worried about his condition right now. He is really sick when he called me yesterday. I hope he will get better soon. Please include my hon-hon's recovery in your prayers. Thank you po. Muah!


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