Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Dollar Gift From Paypal


When I checked my email this morning, I got a message from paypal informing me that they are already in the process of transferring into my account the dollar I got from their promo last December.

All I did for paypal is to sign up at their paypal wish list and I earned a dollar already. I could have earned more if I was able to sign up my friends who are facebook users to join the wish list too. Every friend who signed up the paypal wish list will earn me a dollar.

I know that it is not a big amount but still a dollar is a dollar and the task I did for them wasn’t that difficult.

Thank you paypal! I hope to hear more promos from you!


fetus said...

me too! i got the dollar paypal fb chuva thingy :) hehehehe

Gracie said...

Me too! Im so happy. hehehe. kakatuwa!


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