Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Kerygma Conference 2009 - Day 2

Day 2 of the Kergyma Conference 2009 started with Rev. Fr. Joseph Skelton leading the worship service. Fr. Joseph, an American missionary based in Bohol lead a truly amazing, faith-filled, very powerful worship. Everyone in Araneta were on their feet singing with all their hearts and dancing for the Lord. I was moved by the worship, that I was really dancing and almost shouting the lyrics of the song because my heart is telling me I'm singing and dancing for God..

Bro Bo Sanchez did the last talk for the conference and he really inspired me to let my light shine before others. I'll expound on this on my next post.

The Holy Eucharist led by Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales followed. He said in his mass that if we want to win big in life we should remember these numbers:161931. He jokingly said that we should jot it down and take care of it. Everyone thought that it was the numbers for lotto. But these numbers he said are the chapters and verses we must read from the gospel of Luke. When we follow the teachings in Luke 16:19-31, we will win not only here on earth but it will also get us to Heaven.

It was my first time to attend the mass with Cardinal Rosales presiding. He was a soft spoken man and there's so much love in his words, you can sense that he is a man full of love.

After lunch, everyone prepared for the healing session with Bro. Bob Canton. Bro Bob is a lay healing minister based in the United States.

When I first saw Bro Bob on stage, he doesn't look like someone who was on a healing ministry. Because personally, I assumed that someone in the healing ministry should be straight-faced and very serious. And Bro Bob is different, he is so jolly, he was cracking jokes the minute he stepped on the stage while relating to us his healing ministry.

He emphasized to us that it wasn't he that heals but it's Jesus and that he's only being used as an instrument of healing.

A lot of people got healed that day, those who couldn't see were able to see, the lame rose from their wheelchairs and started to walk, a boy deaf since birth were able to hear and their were revelations about those with cancers and tumors being healed. I was so blessed to see all these miracles before my eyes.

Those in the ringside where priviledged because Bro Bob can lay his healing hands on them but for those of us in the upper levels of the coliseum he just said a prayer for us. He reminded us that all of us are healers. We just need to pray to Jesus and asked to be healed and we will receive the healing we need. He instructed us to pray for the person to our left and to our right and to pray for the healing they need; and intercede for one another in Jesus' mighty name.

The Kerygma Conference 2009 is truly an inspiring, full of healing, miracle-filled event. I can't wait for next year's conference.


redamethyst said...

wow! I envy you. you were able to attend the K-con.It's such a blessing to attend the K-con. more blessings!

bambie said...

hi sis! it's been a while. grabe, a lot of things happened the past few days that's why i haven't been able to post. ngayon lang ulit. anyway, thanks for your concern and for still visiting my blogs even if i was MIA for a while. always take care sis!☺

redamethyst said...

talaga, you are attending the feast na rin. anong session ka umaattend? I'm attending the third session always.

Gorgeous MUM said...

Good for you being able to attend a conference like that! Take care!


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