Monday, December 21, 2009

A Hectic Weekend

My throat is really itchy.....I think I'm going to have colds and cough. Yay! I don't want to be sick.... Christmas is just a few days away!

There were so many activities over the weekend, that I only managed to have less than four hours of sleep for Saturday and Sunday. I wish I could catch up on sleep or take a nap during the day but I barely had a chance.

I only managed to put up Christmas decorations at our house and do some general cleaning last Saturday. After cleaning the house, I was off to the supermarket to do the grocery. I bought ham, the ingredients for the carbonara and other dishes for Christmas. Later, in the night, my brothers and I went to a bazaar to do some shopping for gifts for our godchildren. There were many people at the "tiangge," but we were able to buy everything for the people in our list. The sad part was we were not able to buy anything for ourselves. We arrived home at 10:00 pm.

After arranging what I have bought for my godchildren, I was in bed at 11:00 pm but I have to get up 3:00 am on as Sunday because I have a choir service at 4:00 am for the dawn mass. After the mass, I had a nap for thirty minutes. And off I was to have my bridesmaid gown repaired. I don't know but my gown was a disaster. It doesn't fit me well. I hope the seamstress can do something about it before Saturday in time for cousin's wedding. After my gown, I dropped off my brothers' barong at the laundry shop for dry cleaning. Before I knew its time for lunch already.

The rest of the afternoon were devoted to other household chores.

Later in the evening, my family met up with my aunt's family for dinner. My aunt's family is spending the holidays at Macau so it was sort of a pre Christmas dinner. We stuffed ourselves with the dishes spread at Something's Fishy buffet at East Wood in Libis, Quezon City. After dinner, we strolled around Libis and took some pictures. We went home at past eleven.

I was able to sleep at 12:30 am already and have to be up at 4:50 am to prepare for work.

That was how hectic the weekend was and no wonder I'm feeling sick right now.


bambie said...

sobrang hectic nga ng weekend mo sis!☺ my weekend flew by so fast, although last sunday, i had to finish 5 articles for an idesk client. grabe.

like you, medyo may nararamdaman ako sa throat ko and i'm hoping against hope ndi sya matuloy...i don't want to fall sick kung kelan makakapag vacation na ako.☺

well, have a pleasant week sis!

survivor mom said...

Hi, just came to visit. You looks to exhausted na sa dami mong ginawa. Worth naman kasi all for the family.
Happy Holiday!

psycha said...

Hello, just dropped here to greet you a Merry Christmas

bambie said...

thanks for the greeting sis! :)


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