Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Vacation Is Over

Vacation is over and it’s the start of another work week. Well at least, we only have to work for four days this week except for those with work on Saturdays. But I intend to file for an overtime work this coming Saturday because I have a lot of pending work at the office.

The three day weekend is enough to recharge me.

Last Saturday, I was awakened by the loud noise made by the wind. Signal number three was hoisted over the National Capital Region. Typhoon Santi made his presence felt with its strong wind and heavy rain. It was a good thing though that the typhoon only passed by the region for a few hours. But the typhoon’s brief stay is enough to cut off power lines in some parts of the country, including our area which has no electricity from 6:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.

Saturday is all about being with the family. I helped my Dad prepare lunch. And since my youngest brother filed for an office leave because he has work on Saturdays, we ate lunch as a family. Having no electricity, we passed off the time chatting, listening to my brother’s mp3 and dancing. We attended the anticipated mass at six in the evening.

Last November 1, Sunday, All Saints’ Day we did not go to the cemetery to visit the graves of our dear dead loved ones to avoid the crowd and traffic. We’ll just visit my mama and lolo on November 8.

Sunday is all about spending time with the boyfriend. He has been sick for almost two weeks and last Sunday was the only time he was able to visit me at home. We did grocery shopping, we had a food trip and we teased each other all throughout the afternoon. Simple things we missed doing together ever since he got sick. I’m just grateful that he is okay already.

Monday morning, I went to a dental clinic to have a dental propylaxis, unfortunately the dentist was still out so I went to the optical clinic instead. I had an eye examination and got myself a new set of contact lens and a new pair of prescription glasses. I am nearsighted so the need for contact lens.

Later in the afternoon I met up with my friends at Chopstick’s in Gateway Mall. Ate Kat, my friend from the office is treating us for an early dinner birthday treat.

The three day weekend off is all about spending time with the family, boyfriend and friends, what a happy way to spend it.


Enchie said...

Parang alam ko yang Chopstick's sana talaga we bump into each other :)

bambie said...

I'm glad your weekend was well worth it sis!☺

Margaret said...

I enjoyed reading the various postings in your site.
I also love Anne of Green Gables, hence the reason I dropped by.
Thanks for sharing.

rhaindropz said...

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