Sunday, November 08, 2009

Comment Moderation

Everyone can leave a comment on any post I made without moderation. I welcome even negative comments because not everyone shares the same view or opinion with that of mine.

But starting yesterday, I changed the setting on my blog and I now approve or reject comments made on my blog. I did that because I was disappointed when someone left a comment with very offensive sexual content. That was inappropriate, I did not write anything that is sexual or sensual in nature.

That person who left that comment had the guts to write something that is offensive but is coward because he/she did not dare reveal who he/she is because he/she signed the comment as anonymous.

I'm super upset with what happened, so from now on I will have all comments approved by me before it gets to be published in this blog.


Dave DeWall said...

It is too bad that you had some idiot do something like that,I started moderating my comments about a month ago,did not have any problems,but a few days ago someone put a message in Chinese,that when I translated it on Google was very offensive and sexual in nature.
I am an American living near Iloilo in Guimaras. Enjoyed reading your blog,and will have to come back. Salamat!

Rita T. said...

I moderate my comments as well. I've had hurtful comments posted in the past and I didn't notice them until they'd been up a while for everyone to see. This is the best way to curb those terrible comments from posting at all.

Hope you're having a good evening. I don't know why I'm still up - I'm so tired!

Anna said...

That must have been very upsetting. I would have been offended too. Daisy the Curly Cat advised me to use "Comment Moderation" for posts older than two days. In her experience someone had left alot of spam on a post that was more than two years old!
I will continue follow Daisy's recommendation until someone leaves a very bad comment.
But I understand why you want to do this from the start.
Hope you never get any more such comments.
Best wishes
Chrisitna Wigren (Anna)


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