Sunday, October 18, 2009


It was my brother's birthday yesterday. Boyet, my boyfriend was not able to attend the birthday celebration because he was not feeling well.

When I asked him what he was feeling. He told me that he has a fever, his whole body aches and that he has a terrible headache.

So even if I wanted him to party with us at home, I knew that he needs to rest at their house.

At 8:30 pm last night, I called up their house because I wanted to check how he was. It was his mom who answered the phone and told me that they are bringing Boyet to the hospital because he was extremely weak. I wanted to speak to Boyet but decided not to because his family will rush him to the hospital already.

When I called up their house to ask if he was admitted to the hospital, no one answered the phone at their house and when I tried calling my bf's mobile phone it was turn off.

Now, I'm worried because I don't know what happened to him.

I wish someone would pick up the phone in their house or I should have asked for his brother's cellphone number so I can have an update on his condition or I could visit him in the hospital.

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