Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Viral Infection ?

I was awakened by the ringing of our phone. It was Boyet’s brother informing that Boyet was back at the hospital emergency room. His brother told me that if I have the time if I could drop by at the hospital because Boyet wanted to see me.

He said that they had to rush Boyet back at the hospital because Boyet was complaining of severe headache and that his fever is still high. Boyet’s condition was still the same despite the medications given to him last Saturday when he was first brought to the hospital.

This time, the doctors placed him in the Leptospirosis ward of the hospital, under observation if he had contacted that disease.

I went to the hospital before going to work this morning to check on him. Boyet’s laboratory result was already out and that there was no indication of Leptospirosis and that what he had is a viral infection.

When I was about to leave for work, his doctor examined him and was ready to discharge him from the hospital. But the doctor couldn’t explain why he still had that terrible headache after being injected with a pain killer.. The headache is really painful because Boyet was really complaining about it. Boyet was never the type who would complain when he feels pain or when he was sick.

The doctor then ordered a Brain CT Scan for Boyet. I will accompany him to the hospital in the coming days for his CT Scan.

I’m just worried because it was not clear what his sickness is.


Vera said...

I'm sure that whatever it is, will go away as suddenly as it started :)

bambie said...

I hope he gets well soon. It's good that his family was able to bring him to the hospital right away.

As for my boyfriend, he's fine now. He just had to take in potassium intravenously for 1.5 days because the doctor said he was lacking in it.


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