Saturday, October 03, 2009

Typhoon Pepeng

Finally, I can breath a sigh of relief. Typhoon Pepeng (International Codename - Padma) weakens according to the latest weather bulletin from PAGASA. As of 1:30 pm, it has accelerated west northwest and is now off to the coast of Cagayan. According to Nilo Frisco, chief weather forecaster, Manila is not directly hit by the typhoon and that its sustained winds has weakened from 121 mph to 108 mph.

What we are experiencing right now in Quezon City is strong to moderate wind, on and off rain but the rainfall is not as heavy as what we had last Saturday with Typhoon Ondoy.

But what worries me right now is the news that the Marikina River is swelling up again. I hope that it will not overflow to the areas surrounding it because the city hasn't recovered yet from the flood last weekend. And I pray that the typhoon will not cause a lot of damage to the province of Cagayan, which will be hit by the storm.

Yesterday, when I passed by SM Savemore in Cubao, I saw a lot of people doing grocery shopping. People are stacking up on water, canned goods, bread, biscuits and easy to cook food as well as on candles and matchboxes; all in anticipation for the coming of the typhoon.

I hope that they don't forget to add flashlights in their grocery items. Electricity may be cut due to the strong winds so flashlight are really handy during typhoons.

We misplaced our flashlight at home, so I'm scouting for a new one. I am eyeing the AE Light Powerlight Rechargeable HID Flashlight by Magnalight. This flashlight is light so its easy to carry and it's a HID flashlight. HID or High Intensity Discharge flashlight is much better than the regular ones because they produce brighter light, the lamp last longer and its shock resistant.

AE Light Powerlight Flashlight is produced by Magnalight. Magnalight is a company that offers an array of light products for the cable, telephone and electric utility industry. Aside from flashlights, they also carries product lines that includes handheld utility lights, hunting lights, lights for boats and explosion proof flourescent lighting.

Magnalight has been in the lighting business since 1967 and their clients include the federal state and local governments of the United States of America and Europe. With a client base from the United States and Europe, consumers can be sure that they offer quality light products at reasonable prices. Their products can be ordered through telephone lines or through the web and they guarantee their customers that their orders will be delivered fast and on time.

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