Saturday, October 24, 2009

Over Time (O.T.)

I'm in the office right now, taking a break from work. I want to go home already but I really have to finish my paper work. And I'm waiting for the carpenter to arrive here at the office, I have to hand him the money to pay for the small renovations to be done here.
These paper work I'm doing right now is not yet due but I just want to accomplish these because seeing these paper work not being accomplish, gives me unwanted pressure. Plus, I preparing for the three day weekend rest next week. I don't want to be thinking of my unfinished work while vacationing.
I wish all of you a happy weekend!

1 comment:

bambie said...

hay. i remember when i used to work for an ad agency. we worked half-day on saturdays kasi sobrang daming work. nakakainis kc prang bitin yun weekend, noh? but at least yours is O.T. nman so it's not always. tsaka with pay naman.☺


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