Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Single Parent Chat Room

Yesterday was my mother’s 13th Death Anniversary. I attended the Holy Mass offered for her at 6:15 in the morning. The whole family will be visiting her grave this coming Sunday which coincides with Mother’s Day.

It has been that long since my mom left us and that’s how long my father had become a single parent for us his three children. I’m a witness to the struggles my father had to overcome just to raise us his children and I’m proud to say that even if he was all alone to rear us, he was able to do it effectively.

I wish that there was a support system available for him during the time that he was starting out as a single parent.

A single parent chat room can offer a support system for single parents like my Dad. In this single parent chat room a single parent can meet, talk and view through the webcam other single parents all over the world. They can chat about any topic under the sun but most especially about issues that confronts the life of a single parent. Single parents can exchange tips and advices on rearing children, and express their opinions on a variety of topics. A chat room like single parent chat city offers a venue for single parents to share their experiences with other single parents to better understand the situation they are going through.

It is easy to be a part of this chat room; all the single parents have to do is to register for free at After signing up with them, a single parent is now able to meet and make friends with other single parents all over the world.

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