Monday, April 13, 2009

Wishing For A New Bed

My family and I just stayed at home during the holy week period. During that time, I took the time to rearrange the furniture at home and do a thorough cleaning of the whole house.

I am satisfied with the outcome of my cleaning project but I really wish that I could get new stuff for my room. I have the same furniture for my room for the past fifteen years.

If I have the money, I would like to get these rustic furniture specially the rustic log bed.

This rustic log bed and the rest of the furniture are hand crafted, so just imagine the quality of the furniture and the skill that is involved just to build these bedroom pieces.

It would be nice to get into this bed in the evening after a long tiring day at work. It really looks comfy and spacious. And the rustic log bed looks very elegant.

Oh well, I better save up to have a new bed and other beautiful furniture for my room.

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