Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm sad

I am writing this post with a very heavy heart.

I just lost; no let me correct that someone has stolen from me P6500.00 yesterday, and it happened in the office.

That money was supposed to be deposited in the bank already but unfortunately that did not happened.

I am sure that I did not misplaced it because the envelop containing the money was still in the place where I hid it. And aside from the hundreds and thousands bills it contains some loose change amounting to P250.oo. The theft left the P250.00. I cannot fathom the logic behind leaving the loose change. Did he/she who took my money thought that it will make me feel better it he/she leave me with something. It would have been much better if he/she got all of it. Naawa pa siya sa akin?

Aside from losing the money, I feel bad that someone had betrayed me. We are just like a family here in the office and all of us knew the hardships each one has to face. Now, it got me to thinking , who should I trust among these people.If he/she needed the money, I could have loan it to him/her .

Money is not that big of an issue to me because as in my father's words "pera lang yan,". P6500.00 is really not that hard to earn but the real issue is knowing these people around me and realizing that among these people who are already your friends is the one that wronged you.

Oh well, I've read somewhere, I'm not sure if it is in one of the blogs I've visited that , it is okay to be depressed for forty-eight hours, and that if it goes beyond that time period is already hazardous to your health. I have less than twenty hours to sulk about this issue. After that time frame, I'm going to move on and look for the happy return to this very sad event. I believe that I'll get back an even double amount of money for the money I've lost.

Lance Armstrong said that there are only two kinds of day: a good day and a great day. What made yesterday a good day was the love I feel from my father. Calling him to inform him of the lost money, his initial reaction was he's willing to give me two thousand pesos to help me pay whatever I have to pay. My father no longer works and just depends on his small pension, yet he never said anything about me being careless and all, all he was thinking was how he's going to help me pay for the lost money. Of course, I decline the offer because I have savings naman and his money is budgeted for his monthly expense. But I am moved by his understanding and love.

Sorry for the sad post, I just need to release the sorrow I feel.


Mharms said...

Hi, sorry to hear about it. That's really sad. Who ever did the stealing, hope he/she will give the money back to you...even secretly.

Enchie said...

I'm so sorry Joy...I hope the person who took it, will use it for something good. You will be rewarded with something else.

yen said...

got an award for u joy, sorri for that! money is the source for every evil nowadays. hope you will fix your shoutbox, i do not know where can i post from there.

Blogger Rise said...

just be patient everything happen with some particularly purpose and only God knows it :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis sayang nga iyon..malaking halaga din yon..

anyway, God will give you more blessings ^_^ cheer up ^_^

Jane said...

Sorry to hear what happened. But you know what they say..."What goes around,Comes Around" or the other way around.

nurseabie said...

Grabe naman! Pinaghirapan mo yun tapos basta na lang mawawala. Ang masakit pa eh dyan pa sa office nio nangyari. Sobrang hirap tlaga ng buhay kc pati pag nanakaw naggawa na ng mga taong hindi mo akalain na magagawa nila.
I'll just pray na somehow yung pera na nawala saiyo eh nagamit sa mabuti.
Like what enchie said I know also that you'll be rewarded with something big.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi joy, hope you'll have a great weekend. cheer up girl.

God bless.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, thanks for the comment you left on my page. ^_^

by the way, if you have plans for the wedding you can ask me if u want 2..i'm not a wedding planner but open ako for questions tungkol sa mga kasal.

ingat ka palage sis.
God bless.

Umma said...

Sorry to hear this Joy.. I know its not actually a big deal as what your father said.. pera lang yan.

But the thing is, you lost your trust with your office mate and that is one factor that really matters.

Anyway, I just hope that the money will be used to a relevant thing instead. DOnt worry, you will be blessed with more things bec of that.

Just be vigilant from now on.

reanaclaire said...

hi Joy.. i just came by ..sorry, though i am kind of late, i know.. i know how it feels to lose something.. in fact, this year 2009 beginning, i hv lost a number of things including money.. i hv also posted about it in my jan or early feb post.. but most of all, my dog, Jingle Bell was also lost.. that really hurts me..
now i am still missing him.. apart from money, some things cannot be replaced.. they r of sentimental value..
maybe that person needs yr money urgently and done the wrong way of getting it.. yes, God knows how u feel too..
take it as a move to be wiser ...
God Blesss....

jHeLea said...

kakatouch naman tatay mo sis....what happened was really sad and painful pero if you are going to look at the bright side you'll realize you are so blessed to have your father who is very loving and supportive..

tisha said...

bakit?sa sales ba yun?ingat ka nlang lagi


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