Monday, February 23, 2009

Anime Chat City

My brothers and even my boyfriend, Boyet loves to watch anime on television; and because of their fondness for it, I end up being curious and getting hook on watching the anime they are following.

Some of the anime I have seen are: “Slamdunk,” “Samurai X,” “Hunter X Hunter,” “Ghost Fighter,” “Gundum Wing,” and the classics like “ Voltes V,” “Daimos,” and “Astroboy.”

But among these anime, I would have to say that my favorite would have to be “Slamdunk.” It is about the adventures of the basket ball high school players of the team Shohoku. I enjoy watching it because of the funny antics of Hanamichi Sakuragi and because I have a big crush on Mitsui, Shohoku’s three point artist.

The current favorite in the anime world, in my own opinion, would have to be “Naruto.” My brothers would watch it on television, they have DVDs of the past episodes and they even surf the internet to watch the latest episode.

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rObrak said...

I am also an animeholic. Watching anime can give you lessons and inspiration. So that's why I love it!

Also watch Clannad, Lovely Complex, its can make you cry, laugh and be inspired.


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