Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hapee - Is My Toothpaste Brand

Hapee Is My Toothpaste Brand, 100 percent Pinoy-owned company

I’ve made a big switch.

I’ve changed my toothpaste brand to Hapee Toothpaste and it was Cecilio K. Pedro who made me try this brand.

Cecilio K.Pedro is the man behind Lamoiyan Corporation, the company that produces Hapee Toothpaste.

Cecilio K. Pedro started a company that supplies the aluminum tubes of the toothpaste of the different toothpaste brands in the country. When those brands decided they wanted to change the aluminum container to plastic, Cecilio Pedro had no other clients to offer their product to.

Instead of closing down the company, throwing into waste the entire leftover toothpaste container and having 200 people employed in his company go unemployed, he decided he will make his own toothpaste and compete with the giant toothpaste companies in the country. He made his toothpaste, place it in the aluminum container and sold it to the public and the rest was history. Hapee is now placed in plastic containers as well and is the country’s second leading toothpaste brand.

I liked this product because I know that every time I purchased it, I’m helping the deaf-mute employees of this company. Around 20% of the employees of Lamoiyan Corporation are deaf-mute. The company has been awarded in 1993 by the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines with the Most Outstanding Program for Equal Employment Opportunities for the Disabled.

I have high regards for the company because they employ the deaf-mute and because of its mission to provide quality products that are affordable to the Filipinos. Lamoiyan Corporation is a 100% Filipino owned company.

And that's the reason , Hapee is my brand.


michy said...

wow, well people should admire him indeed!

Rocks said...

and I am proud to say that I am a hapee user too!!

tisha said...

mag kano bigay sau ni cecilio hehehe jok

roseniaf said...

ive learned the story from our resource speaker during training and i love to hear that 20% are deaf mute employees who share the success of the company. i share the inspiring story to my students to support Filipino made products.
Tangkilikin ang GAWANG PINOY!


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