Friday, September 05, 2008

Three Day Weekend

I'm off from work today.

I applied for a vacation leave just for today to attend to some personal matters.

It has been a productive day for me.

I'm done with my transactions with a fund management company and I am finish also with the bank errands I have to do for my father.

I had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo with my brother and I'm now in a internet cafe waiting for three in the afternoon to arrive because we want to have an ice cream at Dairy Queen and off we'll go to Pizza Hut to buy pizza for my dad.

So while waiting for three, I sneak in to write a post. I don't have anything to do anymore but I don't want to go home yet because it's really hot outside to travel. I'll just stick around here a the mall first.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! God Bless.

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