Friday, September 12, 2008

Christmas Cheers

Wow! The countdown to the Christmas season has really started.

A lot of the blogs I hopped into have an entry about Christmas already.

Here’s a tag from Jan

The rules are:It's so simple. Copy the photo then write your blog and your wish this Christmas 2008. Your wish has to be something PRICELESS and SELF- LESS... something that money can't buy... something that another person will treasure dearly.

1. Bits and Pieces by Jan :: I wish Gino and I will be able to convince friends to help us sponsor a simple Christmas party for the children of White Cross Children's Home in San Juan.

2. The Wifey Diaries by Jannesse : My birthday falls on the 22nd of December. I have always wished to spend it with orphaned or abandoned kids. I'd be super happy to spend my birthday with them. That way, they get early Christmas presents from me. Oh, and can I wish for a baby, too? Please?

3. My Life In Manggachupoy Street: To be able to finally FINALLY use my "Charity" coin bank. I've been keeping a coin bank that I promised myself that I'll use it to feed street kids come christmas time. It has been full with 5-peso coins for a long time now (that's how long it is already. it has been full way before the 10-peso coin was in full circulation). For 6 years i have always been working during the christmas season that by the time i get home during the new years i tend to forget about my plan and i try to catch up on what was left of all the festivities.

4. From This Side by Joy: To be able to continue the christmas practices I've set; every Christmas I set aside an amount from my 13th month pay to buy groceries and offer it during one of the masses for “Simbang Gabi.” Our parish has a gift giving program every December for the less fortunate in our community. I hope to be able to continue this tradition and plan to give a much higher amount so I can buy more items to give. I am going to increase my love offering to support the Kerygma Family of Bo Sanchez. And aside from the usual candies and coins I wishI can give out to the children carolers in our area, small presents like coin purses, stickers and other items.

I’m passing this on to Joy Ball, Kiscy, Wena, Lissa and Mier

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Ana said...

Hi, Saw that you mentioned "Bo Sanchez" if so - you might be interested to reserve your Nov 28-29, 2009 for a chance to hear him live/see him/have your books signed at the Araneta Coliseum for the once in a lifetime event "Dream Big, Win Big".

It's a big learning event about "dreaming big in your life and using your core gifts to follow your dream". Yes it's a catholic event, there's mass and worship but there's also a lot of singing and dancing and comedy as well as the huge message on big dreams. See you or your friends there!

Conference Details at
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