Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Discovering Museo Orlina - Tagaytay

I love museums. I enjoy discovering artifacts and learning its historical, cultural, artistic or scientific importance. Exploring museums is one of the activities that my brother and I share.

When he mentioned that we'll be visiting the Museo Orlina on the day of his birthday, I wasn't really that enthusiastic about the trip even though it is a museum. Maybe because I am not familiar with the works of Mr. Ramon Orlina. I know that he is into glass sculpture and I was thinking that his works are too abstract that I might not be able to understand what his art is trying to convey. Baka hindi ko ma gets:)

But I'm glad that we went to Museo Orlina. I got to appreciate his works and I am at awe with his artistry. He is really a genius. While we were looking through different galleries with our awesome and very accommodating guide, Miss Heidi, I couldn't help but be amazed at the talent of Mr. Orlina. How he was able to think of those concepts. I guess I don't have that artistic side in me.

"Virgen Maria" - This is my favorite piece because the eyes of  Mama Mary follows your gaze if you look at her from different angles and if you look to the sculpture upward the lips of Mama Mary turns into a smile:)

After visiting his museum, one of my wishes is to own an Orlina.

The museum levels or floors were named after his children. The first floor is Naesa, his eldest daughter who was born during the Asean conference so her name is the backward spelling of that conference. The reception area is located at the first level as well as the Reflection gallery. The art pieces in this gallery changes every now and then and features works by different artists.  The Reflection gallery spills into the lower level where more contemporary arts by other artists are on display and leads to the Sculpture Garden.

The reception area

His and Hers "butt chair"
Most of the works on display at the Reflections
Gallery are for sale
The outdoor garden contains sculptured works by Mr. Orlina and other Filipino sculptors. It also has an amphitheater for musical concert, poetry reading  and other theatrical and artistic presentation. Below the amphitheater is the carport. Mr. Ramon Orlina is an avid car collector and he used his Volvo and Volkswagen as canvas.

This 1988 Volvo 780 was painted in the signature Piet Mondrian colors (Piet Mondrian is a Dutch painter who Mr. Orlina really likes). The Volkswagen was painted by National Artist Ben Cab.

Sabel sa Beetle - the painting was done by National Artist Ben Cab

Homage to Mondrian - painted in the signature basic colors in black grid that Dutch artist Piet Mondrian is known for

The second level of the museum is called Ningning (the second daughter). It features two galleries. The one on the left features his earliest works when he was starting out as a glass sculptor and to the right gallery displays his most recent works.  Glass is not an easy medium to work on. The glass that he used was glass residues; it is admirable that he was able to come out with something beautiful out of waste materials.  One of the reasons he liked to used glass is because light can pass through it so there is a wonderful play of light on his work.

These are his early works. The black sculpture was a piece he did for actor Richard Gomez and it was called Dawn
His most recent works
The third level is Anna that features maquettes and photographs of his monumental works here in the country and abroad.  One of the things he was known for was the bronze sculpture that he was commissioned to work for the University of Santo Tomas. The Quattromondial Monument which celebrates the 400 year anniversary of the university.  He is a graduate of BS Architecture from UST.  The altar found in the Greenbelt Chapel or the Sto Nino de Paz chapel as well as the cross by the koi pond were also the work of Mr. Orlina.

A picture of the Quattromondial sculpture found at the UST.  Notice the color of the hand rails of the stairs - the colors are influenced by Piet Mondrian

The award he was commissioned to do for the PBA

The last floor was named after his youngest child and only son, Michael.  It is an open terrace with the spectacular view of the Taal Volcano.  There was a cafĂ© before called the Green  Bean but it was already closed when we visited the Museum. It would have been lovely to sip hot coffee or hot chocolate on the spacious terrace while looking at the beautiful scenery and enjoying the cold Tagaytay weather.

Museo Orlina is a modern museum. It is interactive. Art enthusiasts and even individuals who are clueless about the arts like me will surely enjoy visiting this place. 

Museo Orlina 
Hollywood Subd, Brgy. Tolentino 
East Hollywood Subd, Tagaytay City
Opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.
General Admission P100.00
Senior Citizen and Students with ID P80.00

How to go to Museo Orlina
If you are commuting just like what we did
1. Ride a bus to Tagaytay City and asked the conductor to drop you off at the Rotunda. We rode the bus at the Coastal Mall Terminal and the fare was P78.00.
2. At the Rotunda, hail a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to Museo Orlina. The driver charged as P10.00 for each passenger.

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